The Great Golf Challenge with Dr. Shannon Reece


Sport Psychologist Dr. Shannon Reece, along with accomplished experts in the five main areas of golf performance (mindset, fitness, swing, nutrition, and strategy) come together for a unique six week online golf training program. This program is designed to help you make significant strides in your game during a time you might not be able to be on the course.

Use this opportunity to take advantage of our Stay At Home situation by learning how to improve your swing, golf fitness, nutrition, mental game and rules of golf – all from the safety and comfort of your home. 

The Great Golf Challenge includes:

  • 30 targeted video lessons with downloadable PDF guides  
  • 30 live Q&A sessions with your dream team of golf experts 
  • Six weeks of live and virtual support

You’ll receive one new lesson each day, Monday through Friday, for 6-weeks starting on April 13, 2020.

Learn ACTIONABLE TIPS to get you to the next level in all five areas!

Have you noticed that when players tell a story or ask a question about the rules, they often use ambiguous or incorrect terms to describe where their ball is?

Watch the video below to learn why it’s important to define specific golf course areas and to get a preview of you can learn in during The Great Golf Challenge.

How To Make Better Contact With The Golf Ball


How To Make Better Contact With The Ball

Having a good golf swing starts with making good contact with the ball. 

When I first started learning golf, I struggled for so long. I just kept whiffing the ball (You know, when you swing and miss?) I think perhaps because I was afraid to hit the ground. Or maybe I kept missing the ball because I had absolutely no experience with any hand-eye sports. 

Regardless of why, it really took me forever to know I could swing (hit down on the ball as they say) and not hurt myself. I sure wish I had a coach like Cathy back then – breaking things down a bit more, one step at a time. 

Start With This Drill

PGA golf instructor Cathy Kim shows us a drill on how to make better contact using a golf tee as your guide. 

Cathy says to place a tee down in front of the ball. She then focuses on hitting the tee out towards the range, along with the ball. She says rather than thinking about hitting the ball, think about hitting the tee. 

Coach Cathy says this drill helps you understand that you don’t need to “help the ball into the air”. You are just getting the club to go into the ground and the ball will just happen to be there. 

Cathy Kim is a PGA teaching pro at Club 1757 in Dulles, Virginia. She helps golfers of all skill levels achieve their personal and professional goals by assessing the golfer’s physical abilities, listening to the player’s goals and tailoring a game plan that best fits the player.

Before starting a teaching career, Cathy played collegiate golf and attempted the road to the LPGA. Cathy taught at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas, Nevada for 5 years before calling 1757 Golf Club home.

Be sure to follow Cathy on her YouTube channel and on Instagram where she shares tons of great swing tips. 

How to Hit Out of Fairway Bunkers

How To Hit Out Of Fairway Bunkers

One of the fun benefits of being a golf blogger is getting to spend time playing golf with great instructors. I recently played with Mike Maggs on my home course, The Santaluz Club, and we made a few quick videos on issues that arose during our round. In this video, Mike shares some tips on how to hit out of fairway bunkers, and this long bunker particular. 

  • You want to hit the ball first
  • Use the balls of your feet to brace yourself in the sand and choke up on the grip
  • Take a slightly abbreviated swing for more control
  • Make sure you’re going for an angle that’s easy to get out to

You can find Mike Maggs at Southern California Golf Academy where he teaches all levels of golf utilizing cutting edge technology. 

For more information on bunkers and other specific areas of the golf course, read my Defined Areas of the Course blog.