7 Gifts For Golfers Under $40

7 Gifts For Golfers Under $40 It’s that time of year again when you have to get creative and somehow find gifts your friends & family will love. In my efforts to help,  I’ve found the 7 best gifts for golfers under $40 that won’t break the bank! Magnetic Rangefinder Case

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A Little Style On The Course

Not only is GGBlue’s color to die for, but the fabric is breathable and exceptionally comfortable. In San Diego we often have warm weather, and I love that this fabric is moisture wicking.

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Hi,I'm Marcela

My mission is to help you feel more confident about the rules of golf. Here on my blog you can search for specific categories of golf rules you’re interested in, or browse them all one-by-one. And if you like to look good on the course, then check out the Style category.