I Picked Up My First Golf Club Ten Years Ago


My girlfriend Jane had been begging me to play with her. She assured me I’d love the game of golf, meet lots of new girlfriends and perhaps even a nice guy who golfs.

A few months later I met a handsome golfer named Charlie, my prince on a golf cart, who became my husband. For that I’ll be eternally grateful to Jane.

Golf For Women

It took at least six lessons before I actually even hit the ball. I’d swing at it, look up to see how far my ball went, only to find that it was still there on the ground. Untouched.

I hadn’t played any hand-eye sports and I suspect that many women who take up golf later in life are in the same boat.

The Rules Of Golf

I may not have a great swing, but I’ve spent a great deal of time learning the rules of golf and I really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned.

I’ve attended and hosted many golf rules seminars, study the official Rules of Golf, and watch videos for rules tips.

Learning golf etiquette and rules enables you to play at a good pace, which means you’ll get invited to play with people who have more experience and lower handicaps.

I launched this blog to help other women learn the ins and outs of rules and etiquette, play fast, and enjoy the game of golf.

On Girlfriends Guide To Golf You’ll Discover:

  • How to remember those pesky golf rules
  • How to post scores and properly maintain your index
  • Golf etiquette (so you’ll be invited back again)
  • Swing tips from the pros
  • Golf fitness tips
  • Golf course reviews
  • The best styles and deals in women’s golf clothes
  • And everything else you want to learn

If you’ve been bitten by the golf bug like I have, then follow me here for what I guarantee will be an informative and fun experience for all of us!