I Started Playing Golf At Age 39

I had no idea that women’s golf (girlfriends golf, as I like to call it) would become such a huge part of my life.

I was 39 and had never played organized sports (or even unorganized sports) and I had no idea what to expect. My girlfriend Jane played three days a week and insisted I take a few lessons so I could join her on the course. 

Not a smooth start

My first two years were probably harder for me than for most women because I suffer from ADHD, which made it difficult for me to stay focused. (Why can’t coaches teach golf using shopping analogies instead of baseball?)

I eventually was able to hit the ball, and enjoyed golf so much that I began  organizing  girlfriends golf weekends with Jane and all my new golfing girlfriends. 

During a tournament at Pebble Beach, I realized that even very experienced players can get confused about the rules of golf. Since I had a technical background in legal/financial services, I gravitated toward structure and the rules. I started attending USGA, NCGA and SCGA rules clinics and eventually began helping others learn the rules.

Now, to pay-it-forward,  I teach golf rules and etiquette to women through videos on social media and on-course clinics all over the world. 

I’m in love with the golf lifestyle, and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than playing golf and teaching golf rules to groups of wonderful ladies.

Jane wasn’t my golf coach, but she encouraged and supported me in my journey, and I hope to do the same for women all over the world.

“Marcela makes the rules of golf accessible and easy to understand. Her examples and explanations are relatable and memorable.”
Cathy Kim
PGA/LPGA Teaching Professional

The Rules Of Golf

I’m known among my friends as a “rules aficionado” (yes, that’s the polite way of saying it). I’ve attended many golf rules seminars, often have my nose in the official Rules of Golf book, and study important USGA decisions in professional tournaments. I do all that so you don’t have to.

Most players just need the basics and honestly don’t have the time or interest in a ton of detail. But it’s important that everyone learn the rules from a trusted source such as the USGA, The R and A, or someone like me, who knows how to simplify the rules for the everyday player, and help you learn the correct details to keep you from earning penalties.

Just get out there

If you don’t envision yourself playing in any tournaments, and just want to get out there and not embarrass yourself (the way I did when I started) then you’re in the right place! On my blog you’ll find info on basic etiquette and golf customs you need to know to play at a private club, public track or fun charity scramble.
"Marcela’s rules videos have been such a huge help for me (and my hubby). Having the visual that her videos provide is key as I’m a visual learner."
Deborah Willis
Instagram Follower

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