Golf Style – When Comfort Is Key

September 2, 2016

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You’ve heard it said before, “The most important part about golf is looking good.” Yeah, that’s true, but I’ve learned the hard way that when it comes to golf clothes you’re going to wear for five hours, comfort is key.

Yes, I’ll buy that pair of killer Saint Laurent Tribute sandals because they make my legs look amazing, but I don’t actually spend much time walking in them!


My favorite Saint Laurent Tribute sandals

With our street clothes, we go for style more than comfort when we’re just out to dinner or drinks. But when you’re going to be wearing a golf outfit for over four hours, plus having a little drink or lunch after golf, you’ve got to think of comfort.

So I look for pants and shorts with lycra and other form-fitting fabrics that will make me look slender, and hold up for five hours of squatting, bending, swinging and sitting.

I gravitate toward JoFit’s line of “slimmer” pants because they have a 4-way woven stretch fabric and really hold my tummy in with their slimming panel waistband.

I’ve found they hold up well after 18 holes, and take me to the 19th hole feeling confident that they haven’t bagged out as some golf pants can do.

My Favorite New Styles

I wore this pair of black JoFit Elite Slimmer Pedal Pushers to play in a member/pro tournament a couple of weeks ago up in Lake Tahoe. The weather was quite cool in the mornings and was expected to warm up a bit by Noon. (My hubby also played in this tournament with his pro, and I must mention that my pro and I beat them net.  Just sayin’.

JoFit Elite Slimmer Pedal Pusher


My girlfriends chose this Gracie Sleeveless Giraffe print top as their team “uniform” one day at their member/guest tournament.

JoFit Gracie Sleeveless Giraffe Golf Top

And in the same event another group of girlfriends wore these JoFit Maraschino Harlequin golf tops, which were absolutely adorable. These girls took first place in the tournament, so they had a bit more going on than just great golf style.

JoFit Maraschino Harlequin Golf Top



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