Can I Move An Object With a Golf Ball In Motion?

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Are you a little foggy on whether or not you can move an object (or loose impediment) with a golf ball in motion?

The Flagstick

USGA Rule 1-2 states that you can attend or move the flagstick once a ball has been put in motion. So even if you’ve laid the flagstick down on the green you may move it if the ball in motion is about to hit it.


USGA Rule 24-1 states that you can also move equipment (either your own or that of another player) if the ball in motion may strike it.

Your Own Body

Yes, you can move out of the way as well. And you darn well should! If a player’s ball strikes a person, that player incurs a one stroke penalty and must play the ball as it lies. Not a good way to make new golfing girlfriends! Source: USGA Golf Rule 19 ball in motion deflected or stopped. 

Other Items You May Move With The Golf Ball In Motion

Nothing else may be moved out of the way of a golf ball in motion. Not loose impediments, moveable obstructions or golf balls.

And one last thing…

If you’re playing a course with an elevated green and your approach shot or chip shot comes up short of the green and rolls back down the hill towards you, you may not repair any divots or tufts of grass, nor can you remove anything but what’s mentioned above if it might influence where your ball will come to rest!

For more info, check out this USGA video.  


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