How Women’s Golf Changed My Life

August 21, 2016

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I Picked Up My First Golf Club Ten Years Ago

I had no idea that women’s golf (girlfriends golf, as I like to call it)  would become such a huge part of my life.

I was 39 and had never played organized sports (or even unorganized sports) and I had no idea what to expect. My girlfriend Jane insisted I had to at least take a few lessons.

Millbrook Country Club, New Zealand

It Wasn’t Pretty

It took at least six lessons before I actually even hit the ball. I’d swing at it and look up to see how far my ball went, only to find that it was still there on the ground. They call that a whiff.

The Golf Learning Curve Was Awful

I had no rhythm, no athletic swing, no focus, and no confidence that it was ever going to get better.

My first two years were probably harder than for most women because I am not naturally athletic, and I have ADHD, which makes it difficult for me to stay focused while listening to an instructor or even watching a video lesson.

My mind wanders very easily, and hearing about swing planes and shifting my weight was just not registering in my mind.

My BFF Jane hung in there with me, though. Even though Jane was a 16 index (a pretty decent golfer) she put up with all my missed shots, and the almost six hours it would take to get through 18 holes with me.  What a saint!

She wasn’t my swing coach, but she did teach me the etiquette and rules I needed to play women’s golf (or golf with anyone for that matter).

My very patient friend Jane
My very patient friend Jane

Whiffs & Duffs & Divots, Oh My

10 years after my first lesson, I’m still playing golf. I whiff, I duff and I embarrass myself a lot. But I also make a few pars, a lot of bogeys and even a birdie here and there.

And I win a few tournaments (when lady luck is on my side or I have a great partner).

The Crystal Cup at The Santaluz Club, San Diego

My swing still isn’t pretty, and I get frustrated with myself quite often, but I must say I love, love, love golf and am an official golf-aholic.

2016 member/member tournament at Lahontan Golf Club, Truckee, Ca

Why do I call it women’s golf or girlfriends golf instead of just golf?

Yes, I play with my husband a bit, and the two of us have golf dates with other fun couples that usually end in lunch, drinks or dinner. We gamble for a few bucks and have a blast.

But playing golf with the girls is the best part of this lifestyle. Together we play fun rounds, ladies’ days at our clubs, and tournaments (where we get to dress alike, which makes for great Facebook and Instagram pics).

Montreux Country Club, Reno, Nevada

We commiserate over bad holes or bad swings, and cheer each other on during tournaments. And of course, we get to wear the cutest “team uniforms!”

The Crystal Cup at The Santaluz Club, in San Diego

The Rules Of Golf

I’m known amongst my friends as a “rules aficionado” (yes, that’s the polite way of saying it).

I’ve attended and hosted many golf rules seminars, read the official golf rules book, and study videos on golf rules.

I’ve learned how to play fast, despite not being very good, and most importantly, I’ve learned golf etiquette.

SCGA Golf rules seminar we hosted in San Diego

My Blog About Women’s Golf

So I launched this blog to “pay it forward” to the Jane’s of the world. I’ve had the benefit of some extremely patient friends and coaches and I’d like to share what I’ve learned to help other women learn and enjoy the golf lifestyle.

On Girlfriends Guide To Golf You’ll Discover:

  • How to remember those pesky golf rules
  • How to post scores and properly maintain your index
  • Golf etiquette (so you’ll be invited back again)
  • Swing tips from the pros
  • Golf fitness tips
  • Golf course reviews
  • The latest styles and deals on women’s golf clothes
  • And everything else you want to learn

If you’ve been bitten by the golf bug like I have, follow me here for what I can guarantee will be an informative and fun experience for all of us!



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