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Hi,I'm Marcela,

I’m not a rules official, but I play one on TV (or at least Instagram, Facebook and YouTube!) The truth is my golf swing isn’t great but my rules knowledge is.

I'm known as the Rules Diva

They call me the Rules Diva because I’m a “rule follower”. I teach the rules of golf through instructional videos and clinics, all in a simple and straight-forward manner that helps you easily digest and retain the rules.

A good swing starts with a great outfit

Okay, I might be a little obsessed with golf fashion. I review golf clothing, accessories and equipment to help you sort through the mountain of available choices. I’m proud to be a brand ambassador for a few really great brands I trust.

When I’m not leading a custom Golf Rules Experience, I’m filming golf rules videos and course vlogs around the globe. I’m an active volunteer with Pro Kids/The First Tee of San Diego, where I have fallen for the most wonderful junior golfers on the planet!

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On-Course Rules Experience

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